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The scandal of the Russian oligarch and his young wife: fresh details

Скандал российского олигарха и его юной жены: свежие подробностиThe scandal erupted with renewed force.

Now, the former top Manager of “LUKOIL” seriously talking about divorce, complaining about the inappropriate behavior of his young wife, and expressing her mental problems, reports “”.

His patience snapped after the scandal in new York city when Liza Adamenko Ivanov accused in the beating. Adamenko said that a rich 55-year-old husband severely beat her in the end, she even ended up in a wheelchair.

Oligarch denies all this. “What she’s accusing me of, is a pure lie, – says Ivanov. – We had no fights, no arguments, she just left in the company of dark boys and girls. The next morning I found her, it was a two-star hotel on the outskirts of the city. I came in and asked me to contact her, and after 15 minutes the police arrived”.

He is not afraid and statements that Lisa wrote him after going to the club: “This is perjury, which can turn against her. Especially, you know, she – 18-year-old citizen club in America, where such institutions are only allowed after 21 years”.

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“She’s got recorded by doctors severe mental illness, she takes psychotropic pills that suppress her feeling of anger. So then all day she didn’t take it, although it’s good, because they can not be mixed with alcohol. I can’t imagine what she has in mind. A few days ago she was screaming that goes to some boy-artist, then apologized on her knees, now you see what happens. Based on this, we can conclude that the person is not quite normal,” – said Ivanov.

The millionaire claims that he is ready to divorce scandalous wife.

“I can’t explain her motivation. This is probably due to the fact that she met another man and thus wants to get rid of me. But I’m very happy with her divorce, because it can not continue”, – he said.

According to him, another reason for divorce with Liza Adamenko was her attraction to drugs. Proof of this is in the video, which was published by the hackers on the page, 18-year-old model.

In the end, Valentin Ivanov said that in the beginning of their relationship Lisa acted appropriately and judiciously, but in November of last year, it had changed dramatically. “I think it has to do with changes in her brain. After all, she observed the doctor,” he suggested.

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In addition, in his opinion, said the “remnants of the transition age”: 13 years, Lisa worked as a model, most of the time spent without adult supervision, went to clubs, and led a generally dissolute lifestyle. But after marriage many had to leave in the past, with the result that Lisa started to rebel. At the end of the oligarch acknowledged that his initial opinion of the wife was a mistake.

Let’s remind, Valentin Ivanov, who heads the Department of “LUKOIL” in Singapore, married model Liza Adamenko in June last year. According to rumors, the affair between the lovers before marriage lasted almost three years — that is, Ivanov began Dating a girl at the dawn of her modeling career when 13-year-old Lisa went from his native town of Kansk in Siberia.

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