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The scandal around the kindergarten near Kiev: fresh details

Громкий скандал вокруг детского сада под Киевом: свежие подробностиParents revealed the details of beating a child in kindergarten.

Head of the kindergarten №9 in Vorzel, Kiev region, which brutally beat 5-year-old child, had previously received complaints from parents because of exceeding their official duties.

This was told by the mother of one of the children in the kindergarten Elena butivschenko on his page in Facebook.

She also said details of the recent incident, which occurred last week.

“During the matinee head forcibly pulled out of the boy, took him to the bedroom and hit him to the floor face. Only drunk or not in the mind of man could do that”, – she wrote.

“I will not go and describe the moral character of the head. I think that this topic will tell others and those who did not respond adequately to three years ago on the complaint of the parents regarding booze, arranged in the garden and over the head of their duties, and more. For all that was described on three pages she had written “Reprimand”. But now, after three years, the person who thought that now all he can, began to beat children,” said Butivschenko.

In addition, the woman said that now is the investigation up to this fact, but the head – Goradia Natalya – went to the hospital.

“Today was the first meeting of the Commission of inquiry that she did not come, sending a text that she was on sick leave,” – said Elena.

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