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The scammer was able to trick Google and Facebook for $100 million

Мошенник смог обмануть Google и Facebook на $100 млнPosing as Asian businessman, he forged invoices, contracts and enticed by the phishing data.

Transnational IT corporations Google and Facebook have recognized that you are a victim of fraud in $ 100 million.

According to the U.S. Department of justice, the attack is 48-year-old citizen of Lithuania Evaldas, Ramasauskas, who in March was charged with fraud. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In March, the Department reported that Lithuanian from 2013 to 2015 was impersonating an Asian businessman that is producing the software, instead of counterfeiting bills, contracts, and waiting for data phishing.

Phishing is one of the most common methods of Internet fraud aimed at gaining access to usernames and passwords of the user.

When the Ministry first reported the arrest of Ramasauskas in Lithuania, it did not specify the victims.

“False e-mails were sent to employees of companies that regularly led to the transfer of millions of dollars to the accounts of “Asian” company,” – noted in the Ministry of justice of the United States.

All these messages were framed as letters from the same company, but they were on about’, to which employees of Google and Facebook the transfer of funds.

“We noticed a data leak in the sales Department and promptly alerted the authorities. We recovered the money,” – said the press service of Google.

“Facebook quickly regained the lion’s share of money spent and now cooperating with the investigation,” – said the representative of the largest social networks.

In both companies did not specify how achieved compensation of damage.

According to a recent report from Europol, cybercrime, based on phishing, in recent times, in connection with which the companies are advised to carefully check the history of those with whom they collaborate.

“Sometimes staff of big companies thinks protected, so must always be undertaken with the staff training” – said in an interview with Bi-bi-si, the expert on cyber security James Mod.

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