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The scale is staggering: NASA showed how much debris on the moon left people

Масштабы поражают: NASA показало, сколько мусора на Луне оставили людиMost of the garbage left by the astronauts.

Gold olive branch flag set, several orbiters, the feathers of the Falcon is the results of the experiment of 1971 set to test whether falling objects on the moon with the same speed, regardless of mass. However, William Barry, chief historian of NASA, claims that all the debris on the moon weighs about 180 tons.

Most of it was left by NASA astronauts, vysazhivaetsya on the lunar surface from 1969 to 1972 in the framework of the program “Apollo”. The rest is left from the unmanned missions of space agencies of USA, Russia, Japan, India and Europe.

On the moon there is an entire “cemetery” of lunar probes sent to the satellite to see if space ships to land on the surface. In 1960-e years, some scientists believed that the Moon is covered in quicksand. Unmanned probes have shown that this idea was wrong.

Satellite observations of the lunar crater (LCROSS) was sent to the moon to confirm the existence of water.

As for the objects left by astronauts “Apollo”, just did not make sense to return all unnecessary equipment on the Ground.

Barry argues that the so-called trash left on the moon, also has archaeological merit. Future lunar tourists will be able to assess the equipment from NASA, the European space Agency, Russian space Agency Roscosmos and other countries.

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