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The SBU knew about preparing acts of sabotage in Kalinovka.

В СБУ знали о готовящейся диверсии в Калиновке, – СМИHowever, the knowledge of the officers was not enough to prevent the terrible incident.

Ukrainian security services tried to catch the possible sabotage by the geolocation of their phones, but it turned out that the phones were hidden under the seats of urban and suburban shuttles and moved in different directions.

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) received September 26 operational information on the preparation of sabotage. This is with reference to own sources reports the INSIDER.

“Counter-terrorism operation allegedly decided to disguise under the claimed joint anti-terrorist exercises with the participation of the security service, national police, national guard, SSES, Mat, border guards and other regional actors to combat terrorism. After the explosions in warehouses of the routine exercises have been stopped”, – writes the edition.

According to him, the main part of the operation against the saboteurs put on the military counter-intelligence.
“On the eve of the incident, intelligence agencies received information about telephone negotiations of the group of persons on the preparatory actions that could indicate the planning of sabotage. Security officials have calculated the numbers of the attackers, but quickly find subscribers failed – judging by the location, they quickly moved through the territory of Vinnitsa region. When the phones found turned out to be that they are just lying under the seats in urban and suburban shuttles that have carried them in different directions”, – stated in the message.
INSIDER writes that the exact number of saboteurs is still unknown.

“The SBU has called this information “nonsense”, noting that the exercises were planned last year,” – said in the publication.

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