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The SBU detained spy fighters in Turecka

СБУ задержала разведчика боевиков в ТорецкеIn 2014, the terrorist received Russian citizenship through a simplified procedure.

In Turecka delayed scout “DNR”. This correspondent UNN reports GUNP Donetsk region.

Police officers together with SBU exposed the man, who in 2014 had participated in illegal armed groups, and after hiding in Russia, where he received Russian citizenship. Back in Donetsk oblast, in the ranks of the militants shelled the village of Sands, and then was exiled by the secret services on the territory controlled by Ukraine, to conduct reconnaissance. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the spring of 2014 a resident of Terezka born in 1986 joined the ranks of terrorists who seized the building of the former Executive Committee. First of all, along with other locals, he patrolled the streets of the city. Last time I replaced on patrol with a gun during the illegal “referendum”. In late may, the man went to Russia, where, using the program simplified acquisition of citizenship, became a citizen of the Russian Federation with the statement on the military account.

By January 2017, he worked as a laborer in Moscow, and, given proper wages, decided to resign and return to Ukraine. The Russian-Ukrainian border, he crossed at the end of January and was in the city of Turecka, but dreams to return to the ranks of the militants did not leave.

After spending about 2 weeks at home and unable to find work, people from Russia travelled to the occupied Donetsk, where he entered the service contract in “DPR” – in mechanized battalion to the position of the thrower.

The position of his units were in the area of the village sand of Donetsk region.

While chatting with his friend, the man received the offer to earn more money and return to controlled territory to collect information on the location and movement of manpower and equipment, APU, and also to recruit local residents.

For this he was offered a large sum of money. It was planned that they will arrive to a Bank card, which the man had to open immediately upon arrival in Toreck.

At the end of March this year, the man is back in town to conduct intelligence activities, but was arrested by police, who according to the information released on the offender.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 260 “Creation of illegal paramilitary forces or armed forces” of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Article sanction – till 8 years of imprisonment.

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