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The Samsung Galaxy S8 found problems

У дисплеев Samsung Galaxy S8 нашли проблемыUsers complain of display problems.

Some owners of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 complain of a reddish screen of the gadget.

This problem can be caused by color balance organic light-emitting diodes. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“It’s not a hardware problem, it displays fine. The shade can be removed programmatically. If the colors still look unnatural, buyers can contact the service center”, – declare before to Samsung in response to user complaints.

However, adjusting the color through the settings screen Galaxy S8 allegedly does not improve the situation, red tide remains.

One of the industry experts anonymously told the Korea Herald that the problem can be caused by a problem with color balance in displays AMOLED. The fact that the displays are two types of sub pixels – red-green and blue-green. This can cause the risk of the problems of color balance, because the green subpixels of the two. To avoid this, Samsung has developed a method of enhancing the red color, which led to problems.

If the problem is with the display will be massive, already soon will start talking about it in other parts of the world. Meantime, with the problems faced only some buyers from South Korea.

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