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“The sad story of two brothers, Grossbart”: welcome to the world of monsters, madmen and the plague

Publishing house “AST” happy with our new product, and this time our attention is drawn not to the series “Masters of horror”. The horror the horror, but there are other types of mrachnaja. For example, dark fantasy. Yes, these stories are more fabulous, but sometimes more stringent than other representatives of the literature of horror.

In there novel Jess of Burlington “the Sad story of two brothers, Grossbart” (The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart). It was published in the series “Masterpieces of fantasy”, and marked 18+ on the cover for a reason. Readers promise ugly main characters, unknown creatures, various tinplates and black humor. It seems that the combination that is necessary, isn’t it?

Official abstract:

Medieval Europe. Murderers and robbers are brothers, Grossbart travel from the Germanic lands to the South, fleeing from the wrath of the locals and hoping to get rich. In the family, Grossbart for several generations are grave-robbing, and the brothers intend to glorify themselves and their ancestors, when they reached the legendary crypts of Gipta. To get there, they have to go through dangerous and unknown lands in the company of various travellers: merchants and murderers, fallen priests, and rogues of all stripes. Only the world Grossbart at the same time familiar to us and infinitely far away: the world of the living saints and the very real demons, the world of monsters, madmen and the plague, the world of werewolves, sirens, the Manticore and monsters, which are difficult to describe and even harder to call. The brothers have to know that all legends have their own truth, and death is not the worst for those who embarked on the road of evil.

Say, this novel could write United Clive Barker, Chuck Palahniuk, Warren Ellis and the brothers Grimm, and this feature definitely adds to the interest. What is remarkable in our age of sequels, trikvela and the multipart epics “the Sad story of two brothers, Grossbart” opens another fantasy series, and is a complete story.

The book was published with a small circulation of 2,000 copies. 640 pages, hardback, lovely cover from Valery Petelin. In the official online shop of the publishing house already you can order a copy or two. Soon, and in other places.

Finally, we offer to your attention the introductory fragment of the novel. Browse the first 15 pages can be right in the Area of Horror.

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