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The Russians will take the land for public needs

У россиян будут забирать землю для государственных нуждRussian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree authorizing the Federal security service confiscate land from owners for state needs.

Withdrawal of lands under the decree can be made “for the purpose of construction and reconstruction of objects of Federal significance, which are necessary to exercise the powers of the FSO”.

In early February, similar powers were also received by the Agency. In accordance with the current edition of “Land code”, to seize land from the Russians can be “in exceptional cases” related to the implementation of international treaties, construction and reconstruction of objects of hostmachine (e.g., roads, objects of use of atomic energy, state energy systems, Federal transport). However, the code allows for other grounds specified in Federal laws. If the areas claimed by the state, there are properties, they are also withdrawn.

Owners, in turn, must be compensated. One of the most striking examples of the application of this procedure was the appropriation of land for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi in 2007.

In addition to the Federal property management Agency and the Federal security service the powers to seize land also claimed by FSB of Russia.

The draft of the law, the service prepared and published in August. In the explanatory note to the draft States that these measures are necessary to ensure defense, security and uninterrupted operation of objects of hostmachine and the creation around them forbidden zones. Within the boundaries of such zones, says the FSB, eliminating the implementing organizations or physical persons economic or other activities, and to ensure the legal regime of such territories and requires seizure of property within their borders.

Another rationale – protection and protection of the state border, to indicate where on the ground and its content is required to withdraw from private ownership of land.

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