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The Russians want to ban to run concurrently

Россиянам хотят запретить работать по совместительству

In Russia at the legislative level might be a ban on outside employment. In the near future the state Duma Committee on labour and social policy plan to develop such a bill.

As told in interview “to the parliamentary newspaper” member of the Committee, the Chairman of the Association of trade unions of Russia SOTSPROF Sergey Vostretsov, the purpose of the document is to protect citizens from excessive workload and to maintain their health. Working in two or three places, people do not have time to rest and recover, and this is reflected in the quality of his work, says Vostretsov.

Now the employer is not required to verify an employee, other jobs, and the entries in the employment record of working part-time made only upon request of the employee. In General, said Vostretsov, the facts of combining are usually ignored.

According to him, the time has come “to understand how to establish a social climate between employers and employees”, as many labour standards do not meet modern realities. As an example he cited the decision of the Ministry of labor “About features of work in combination pedagogical, medical, pharmaceutical workers and art workers”, which was adopted 15 years ago and is “hopelessly outdated”.

Vostretsov believes that employers will not be happy with the new initiative, because in the current situation they have the opportunity to pay part-time less than full staff.

Accurate statistics on moonlighting in Russia is not conducted. According to the health Ministry, part-time working about 20% of health care workers of all categories who are employed at the main office. Vostretsov sure that part-time workers “much more.”

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