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The Russians made a fuss because of the seaweed

Россияне устроили переполох из-за морской капустыAlgae took over the monster.

In the Russian Internet has spread a photo of a worm-like “sea monsters” in length to 25 m, which beats the waves to the coast of Chukotka.

The mysterious “sea snakes” is part of the stem of algae, relatives of kelp – seaweed.

The mysterious “snake” had eyes, but had a round head and a long slippery body. Scared sailors and the local population. They were considered mutants and previously unexplored animals.

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It turned out that after storms on the beaches people find Nereocystis Luetke (Nereocystis luetkeana) – representatives of brown algae.

“Head” is the air bubble. Thanks to him, the kelp, the usual seaweed, stick to the surface of the water.

The bubble can reach 20 cm in diameter. It mounted up to 40 plates of leaves of algae. They can reach 9 m in length.

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The tail of the “snake” is the trunk of algae. Can reach 25 m in length.

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