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The Russians in 2019 will give 15% of their income on obligatory payments is a critical level

Россияне в 2019 году отдадут 15% доходов на обязательные платежи это критический уровень

In 2019, the share of expenses of Russians on required payments will exceed 15%. Experts say that this is a critical level after which start the non-payment. Compared to last year, Russian citizens have more to spend on loans.

In total at the end of 2019, the Russians will spend 9.3 trillion roubles on obligatory payments — payment loans, utilities and taxes. This is 10% more than last year, write “Izvestia” with reference to the study of “BCS Prime”.

In 2018 the payments on loans accounted for the proportion of household income 9.6%, while utilities and taxes — 5% (14.6% in the aggregate). In the current year on loans already out of 10.4% of income for housing and taxes was 4.9% (15.3% in the aggregate).


Noticed it and the CBR. On the eve of 2 December, was published a review of the regulator’s financial stability. It increase the debt burden remains one of the vulnerabilities to financial stability. According to the beginning of October, the ratio of loan payments to income rose to 10.6%.

Experts point out that due to the growth in the share of mandatory payments, there is a risk of non-payment. “Nominal income grow at 3-4% per year, while lending by almost 20%, which leads to structural changes. The share of obligatory payments in excess of 15% are already critical, and it will grow, therefore the risks of non-payment”, — says head of the laboratory for financial studies Gaidar Institute Alexey Vedev.

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