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The Russians have completely lost confidence in the government, which is pushing the country to the abyss

Россияне напрочь утратили доверие к власти, которая толкает страну к пропасти

Russia was on the last 27th place in the ranking of Edelman Trust Barometer — trust of citizens to public institutions. This follows from the annual report of the American research company.

The Edelman report is based on survey conducted in October-November of 2018. It was attended by over 33 thousand people from 27 countries, including the USA, China, India, Russia, UK, Germany.

As follows from the document, the credibility of the institutions in the world amounted to 52% (was 49%). By the standards of Edelman, the figure stands at a neutral level. The result is up to 49% analysts characterize as a lack of confidence, 50% to 59% call it neutral, from 60% starts trust.

For specific items the picture looks like. Their governments in the world trusted by 47% of respondents (last year was 44%), business — 56% (vs. 53% a year earlier), non-governmental organizations — 56% (vs. 54%) media 47% (was 44%). In other words, the overall confidence in the institutions somehow increasing.

And now the most interesting — about Russia. We have confidence in the institutions the lowest of all who took part in the survey countries. Moreover, unlike most States, the rate is quite decreased from 36% to 29%.

Russia, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, is in last place in terms of confidence in most institutions. The only exception is the credibility of the government. This figure in Russia is at 34% – more than in Mexico, France, Brazil. However, for us more importantly — for the year, this indicator in Russia slipped to third in 2018 the trust level to the Russian government, Edelman was estimated at 44%.

Confidence in Russia’s business is 34% (80% in China, 58% in Brazil, 44% in Spain), to media 26%, NGOs — 23%. In this position, the separation of Russia from other countries is particularly high: in the next place from the end of Japan trust level is 38%. In China trust rating of non-governmental organizations 74% Canada — 59% UK — 47%.

Note the decrease in the credibility of the Russian authorities earlier reported by VTSIOM. So, Vladimir Putin’s rating has fallen to historic lows since his inauguration as President in 2000. Now the head of the state trust 33.4% of Russians, while his job approval is 62.1%.

The minimum was reached and the electoral rating of “United Russia” to 33.8%. This is even lower than in the period of protests in December 2011 then the rating of the ruling party fell to 34.4%.

According to analysts of the Institute of sociology, the main problem for the Kremlin is that criticism of the government and Putin becomes publicly endorse the behavior. This means that the neutral conformist voters — the people who always join the majority — are beginning to speak out against the President.

Until the ratings drop is not critical for Putin, who is the head of state for a long period of time, and even after making a controversial political decisions. The problem is that the situation is developing like a snowball. According to experts, just a year and a half from the current support of the head of state can little to stay. The rating of the government in this case will fall through the floor, and the level of trust in institutions is unlikely to increase.

Rating Edelman Trust Barometer as the domestic ratings that show the decline of citizens ‘ trust in the authorities say one thing: Russia is moving steadily toward the abyss, — said the Deputy of the state Duma of the third and fourth convocations, a retired Colonel Viktor Alksnis. — This movement began under Mikhail Gorbachev. In the 2000s, under Putin it has slowed down: fell on us unexpected happiness in the form of soaring oil prices. Notice, a large portion of petrodollars has left Vladimir Putin’s environment, and close to the Kremlin oligarchs. But part of the money the government directed on social programs that helped to reassure the public, and even to stabilize the situation.

This provided a high rating of Vladimir Putin, who on the background of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin seemed almost the Savior of Russia. But at the same time, under Putin and his team were laid, so to speak, a time bomb. People agree with many of Putin’s initiatives, roughly speaking, because in the shops now there are 20 varieties of sausage and vodka, and the politics of ordinary citizens supposedly not affected. On this tacit agreement of the authorities and society hung still and thought “the main thing is to avoid war”.

Experience of big changes of the 1990s, people are scared. Citizens were very concerned that if the country starts again the perturbations, it directly hit him. And so it turned out that they have become accustomed to the new conditions. Yes, even when that citizen was a leading designer at the factory and designed the spacecraft for flight to the moon, and now he was standing in the market and was selling Chinese clothes. But money, which he got behind the counter, his life is enough. And a citizen found that in principle it is possible to live and so. And there are people in the country were tens of millions.

On the other hand, citizens intuitively felt the “red line” beyond which the rollback is not possible.

“SP”: — Now, the government has crossed that “red line”?

In recent years, especially when collapsed the price of oil and it turned out that “there is no money, but you hold”, the public mood began to change. People agree on very little happiness — a piece of what could be. And then suddenly it turned out that this little piece began an attempt on the part of the authorities and personally President Vladimir Putin. This was to raise questions, and began the natural process of sagging of power ratings.

Notice, unlike the days before the war, and even post-war Soviet period, in the 2000s the government was able to drive the citizens by the nose. By the time Putin came technology of political PR was perfected. Making the appropriate stuffing in the media, the Kremlin has created the illusion: let all around bad, but, relatively speaking, Crimea is ours, and our newest missiles can hit any foe.

Just say: the capture of the Crimea, I support with both hands, and consider one of the few achievements of Vladimir Putin. I’m talking about another — the Kremlin through established propaganda skillfully played on sensitive to the people topics, and in this way strengthen their support.

But this resource is not infinite. In the end, in the minds of people who 10 years ago were ardent supporters of Putin and saw him as the hope of Russia, began to emerge seditious thought: if we are rowing in the galley, at the helm of which stands the Vladimir Vladimirovich?

Moreover, the money is not. And how could we not have strutted, the sanctions policy of international isolation of Russia slowly but gives the result.

In short, we will again slide into the abyss. The Kremlin and the country in this direction, I believe, only pushes their actions.

“SP”: — What do you mean?

— First of all, pension reform. Frankly, it is astounding: after all, in 1917 Russia was the first country to implement the strategy of the welfare state. It was only later, following the example of Soviet Russia, other countries of the world began to understand that it is dangerous to have a monstrous gap between rich and poor, when the poor literally starve — to be shared. These countries could build up social policies to achieve a relatively high standard of living for the population, and thereby prevented a large social upheavals.

And we from the 2000s moved in the opposite direction: they began to liquidate the welfare state, whose foundations laid 100 years ago. Today we are confidently moving in this direction, and we need to understand that sooner or later it will end a social explosion. This is what, I believe, indicated by all the polls and ratings.

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