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The Russians explained why drink alcohol

Россияне объяснили, почему употребляют спиртноеThe reasons for drinking alcohol.

The tradition of celebrating holidays with alcohol drinking alcohol explained 73.1 per cent of Russians, a response was given by 66% of men and 80.7% of the women, follows from the materials of VTSIOM.

Alcohol is a tradition to drink during the holidays explained the majority of Russians in all age groups. This answer was given by 78.5 per cent of public sector employees, 72.4% of employees of non-budgetary organizations, 72% of entrepreneurs, 72,9% of the unemployed and 64.5% of the students.

At the same time among the Russians, who have no permanent job, but there are occasional and irregular work, 58,2% identified holidays as the main reasons for drinking.

2.4% of all respondents answering the question about the reasons for alcohol consumption, said that “without this it is simply impossible to live.” As follows from the data of Rosstat, live without alcohol in Russia can not 3.8% of men and 0.9% of women.

The second most common cause of alcohol in addition to holidays in Russia – the fact that alcohol is just fun (27,8%) and it soothes (25.3 per cent).

3.3% of Russians said that they don’t have enough willpower to quit drinking.

Overall, 82.2% of respondents admitted that they consume (or consume) alcohol. Only 17.8% of the respondents were absolute abstainers.

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