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The Russians ended up in the hospital due to spicy gift

Россиянин угодил в больницу из-за пикантного подарка The man was not ready for such entertainment.

The passage of an erotic quest, a campaign in which citizens of Kazan gave birth on the day of the woman, led to a heart attack.

It is known that on quest, the couple went in the company of friends. The game included various tests, including using the techniques of BDSM.

It is reported that the man was stripped, handcuffed and beaten with whips, the cries of horror films.

During the test, he became ill, he began to lose consciousness, so the quest is interrupted, and friends of the victim drove him to the hospital.

Doctors ascertained at the patient’s fatigue and heart attack. The man recommended to avoid emotional turmoil for some time.

By the way, in the hospital it turned out that the keys to the handcuffs that never took men lost. How exactly were you able to solve this problem, is not specified.

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