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The Russians do not want to be proud and naked

Россияне не хотят быть гордыми и голыми

Citizens are less willing to pay for the high status of the country and more and more thinking about the welfare of their families. Will it change the policy of the Russian Federation?

Most citizens welcomed the position of Russia on the world stage, but only a third of those surveyed by VTSIOM believe that the current priority objectives for the country the return of Russia’s superpower status. People gave preference to prosperity: 45% said the need to become one of the 15 most prosperous countries in the world. For comparison, in 2014, 52% of respondents said that “club membership” leading countries can be achieved primarily through a developed economy, 42% dreamed of a strong army. Now the significance of these factors declined significantly (33% and 19%, respectively). The most important people now believe with a high level of welfare of citizens — 43%. Rosstat data suggests that a significant portion of Russian families live in hard mode “paycheck to paycheck”: the income is enough only for the Essentials.

Solomon Ginzburg, the President of Fund socially-economic and political studies “Regional strategy”:

“We see the trend irreversible trend. The second “Crimea” will not be repeated. Nobody is going to unleash a nuclear third world war in order to rally even more closely around the “leader.”

People are now about in the autumn of 2018 this research shows spend significantly more than you earn. What does this mean? That people climbed into their pods. Someone at “the grave”, someone-“rainy day”. This means that they do not believe that the government can provide them with a decent salary and any salary, because there is no confidence that you will survive in the workplace. And it is natural – to replace all kinds of dreams, cherished desires about how to be a great from the Earth to Pluto, to conquer Mars, comes the very real needs: where to get the money to be treated because free health care in a disgusting state, where to get the money to pay for more education for their children and grandchildren.

In Kaliningrad has still not built a cancer center, even though the talk about him going for many years, and people think where to find money to be treated in St. Petersburg. But we find 350 million rubles annually for the maintenance of such cyclopean structures in the Kaliningrad stadium. That is, we live in absurd situations.

But we are still a European country, not Eastern despotism. Practice makes as slowly to sober up and not to believe the false ravings of the television, which for many years was injected misinformation, diluting the human brain. Therefore, the farther the harder, and I do not exclude that it comes to clashes with the authorities. And all this is because it is necessary to leave on time.

However, the government finally fell into a state of autism. She does not hear and does not want to hear. She lives by the principle “a deaf surgeon, the anesthesia does not apply””.

Vasily Koltashov, head of the center for political and economic studies at the Institute for a new society:

“I think that there is a unity in the requests of the Russian citizens, which the authorities do not always want to be considered. This unity implies a strong protection of national interests in foreign policy, but to the people benefitting from this. People to live better and to the level of life grew. So this policy is not transformed into a formula of “guns instead of butter”, and so she solved the problem of development of national production and improve the standard of living of Russians. That is, people want Russia was a great power, but they want to feel this greatness in his pocket. They don’t want to be someone who just pays for greatness.

Of course, if people ask what you want — that Russia was a great or so you were rich — they will answer: of course, that we were rich. But this is just such a sociological trick that separates the community that exists in a certain unity.

Authorities this public inquiry to hear the extent to which he announced. But the fact is that the Russians say this in a whisper, and the government should have a very good ear to hear it. In other words, our society is not so active to Express requirements are quite loud and Intrusive. Rather, it is the wish of the people to the authorities. And power is the wish to hear, but they act in the following way: they say — well, in your region the level of economic development rises, so will rise and your income… That is of extraordinary measures that would improve the quality of life of Russians, the policy of creating new jobs, stimulating domestic demand in unity with the development of domestic production we have.

Yes, the government hears. But, first, he hears bad because it says it softly. And, second, there was very limited: saves the results of the parent capital makes families received soft mortgage credits… That is taking private actions, which are slightly easier position of the population, but the situation is not fundamentally change, not improve. And this is a problem of public policy.

The government is doing enough, although maybe much more. But the citizens do not demand it strongly enough. Now, if they actively participated in political life, created a political movement, going to the clubs was discussed and what decisions might increase wages in our region, what jobs you need and can create, what investments the state should encourage itself to produce, — then the officials would have to move in this direction. But until then. People rather wait when the government will fulfill their wishes. Well, the authorities are not in a hurry. But where’s the hurry?”

Dmitry Abzalov, President of Centre of strategic communications:

“Certain trends pronounced last year and a half. Bet on the strong external position has always been present, but now there is an actualization of the domestic agenda, primarily socio-economic. This is due to the fact that the last few years, real disposable income of the population is not actually growing. This imposed history with pension reform, rising oil prices, rising VAT and other processes. As a result, the request for the socio-economic well-being has increased, “mobilization scheme” exhausts itself. Therefore, Russian citizens appreciate the power not only to strengthen the external position — people are used to it, and to improve the welfare, socio-economic markers.

This is especially important against the background of request on regional power during the last election campaigns. The last campaign showed that only few governors who went for a second term, managed to pass.

The part of the citizens is in the economy mode, which involves attempts to hide unfavorable economic conditions. Citizens are tired of saving, they are waiting for concrete decisions in the socio-economic sphere. This gives rise to requests for a more efficient economy and an anticorruption campaign, especially at the regional and municipal level.

All this happens against the background of frustration, which happened after the pension reform — particularly in supporting the power groups at age “35 plus”. The President of the Russian Federation during the direct appeal took personal responsibility for pension reform and thereby acknowledged the failure of defects in downstream circuits, for example, in the Cabinet, which is not explained to the population why we need this reform, and did not come up with a scheme of her soft holding. The last interpreter was the President, and the level of support, confidence began to decline. As a result, the socio-economic sphere “hangs” on the first face, and requests to power more articulated. In General, the requirements of the Executive block is very serious. Now you can’t just swim to the rating of the President.

As the power is this situation out? Without economic development it will be difficult to ensure the well-being of the population. Should boost the projects, but the administrative costs and delays lead to the fact that they are executed very slowly. And ahead of parliamentary elections, when the rating authorities will be under pressure. Time need to stabilize the ratings and provide a feeling of progressive development, there are few”.

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