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The Russians created a women’s “Patriotic” iPhone, online laugh

Россияне создали женский "патриотический" iPhone, в Сети смеются Phone makers inspired by Poklonskaya.

In Russia introduced the first women’s Patriotic iPhone 7 that caused discussion and criticism in the network. As noted by the developers, the unique design was inspired by the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya.

In the framework of the International women’s day in Russia popular brand of luxury smartphones, introduced “the first in the history of the women’s Patriotic iPhone 7”, basic elements of which became gold, Anaconda skin, the emblem of the Russian Federation, as well as the slogan “Love begins with Russia.”

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“Among our Patriotic designs just that which would meet the needs of women, finally we create it”, – said the representatives of the brand.

“Creating this design, we thought about the women of Russia, our lovely ladies of today, who loves his country, who is proud of her. We thought about Natalia Polonskaya, her beauty and femininity, coupled with the dedication, professionalism and human dignity inspired us,” – continued the developer.

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The network was also the unique design and price of the device (199 000 RUB.) sparked criticism and outrage.

“Changed the back cap, and the price has tripled! Ah, well done!”, “Shameful bad taste”, “Emblem only a disgrace”, – were indignant in the comments.

“And he’s streaming myrrh?”, – laugh in the discussions.

Россияне создали женский "патриотический" iPhone, в Сети смеются
Россияне создали женский "патриотический" iPhone, в Сети смеются

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