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The Russians can lose property in Finland

Россияне могут потерять недвижимость в ФинляндииFinnish authorities fear that foreigners owning property in close proximity to strategically important sites might threaten the security of the country.

In March 2017, the Ministry of defence of Finland will consider trades of foreigners with real estate, which can threaten the security of the country. Some of them can be cancelled.

This was stated by the Deputy of the Parliament of Finland Suna Kymalainen. “It became clear that some transactions will have to break, because it was sold objects placed in the incorrect critical points,” says Kymalainen. A spokeswoman for the Social democratic party are going to push the initiative, according to which real estate transactions for citizens from outside the EU and EEA would require individual permits. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Now the Ministry of defence examines the real estate transactions concluded near objects of strategic purpose. The very notion of such an object is not specific enough. And in his opinion, it should be expanded.

“We have a cell tower located in the tightly populated area, the property is located in the border area, not to mention country cottages, located in a zone adjacent to military airports,” explains Kymalainen.

Over the past few years the Deputy many times proposed to the Parliament to consider ban on purchase by Russians of houses in Finland, however, these initiatives did not gain the minimum number of votes necessary to begin this procedure.

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