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The Russians attacked grocery online shopping. Sites “are”

Россияне атаковали продуктовые интернет-магазины. Сайты «лежат»

Due to the sharp demand for products during the quarantine, not all services may sustain the influx of customers applications don’t work, many products out of stock, but orders can take a few days.

In terms of the spread of coronavirus many Russians have already sent in a two-week quarantine, and large and small companies taking employees to work remotely from home. Therefore, the shortage of basic foodstuffs and household goods moved from conventional stores to online.

People try to leave the house less, so go for the services of delivery of products — in Russia, the delivery of all services like “Platypus” and large chain stores have their own delivery service. It turned out that nobody was ready for what the demand will be so high.

All services like grocery deliveries were common challenges — periodically fall sites, some goods become scarce, and for delivery of orders may take up to a week. For example, online hypermarket “Utkonos” in the evening of March 16, worked intermittently and the app didn’t work.


The platypus fell from the influx of people 🙂 Apparently all the topic. I am sure that more products are not to be missed


Such interruptions arise from time to time at all. The evening of March 16 was temporarily unavailable the website of shops “Crossroads”, there were complaints on the website of the store “Okay” on other days:


Unfortunately, due to the increased demand, there can be temporary difficulties with placing the order Россияне атаковали продуктовые интернет-магазины. Сайты «лежат» Hope the situation will not affect your relationship to us and you will remain our customer


Today tried to arrange home delivery. The result: “Crossroads “- a large part of stock,the available products prices have risen,shipping no earlier than March 18 .”Utkonos” – all the products are,but the delivery not before March 21.”Okay”- the website lies all day to make the order impossible

In social networks complain about the price increase. But the “Crossroads” said Hi-Tech that they had not increased the price of goods in the shops and try to replenish stock. The press service of the shops, “Okay” said that despite the increased demand, the company continues to operate and accept orders only for delivery now takes more time.

Another common problem is the lack of food. It applies to all stores, regular and online. The Russians want to prepare for the quarantine, so less likely to get out of the house, so certain categories of goods and long-life products cannot be purchased — they are not available.


Due to high demand some orders may take a week. Because in addition to shortages, there are problems with staff shortages — the order must make, arrange, assemble, package and deliver.


“Platypus” is not ALLO, the nearest shipping on March 24. The “Metro” and the “ABC of Taste” on March 19. Only Fresh will bring today, but they have little left in stock.


A half-day gathering an order for delivery of the products because the app was working Okey under duress. Collected. Delivery only next Monday, before no options)))))0)


Wanted to go home to buy food, but the nearest delivery of spermarket – on Thursday, of the platypus on Saturday, and ABC on Tuesday.


Shops are forced to take additional measures to address the demand. For example, “Crossroads” has increased the minimum order to 4 thousand rubles — this should help to weed out the small orders that have to spend too much time and resources.


Delivery of products from Crossroads last week: 99 RUB. when ordering to 2000, free if you order more than 2000 rubles.
Today they have a minimum order of 4000 rubles.

Okey from shipping was free for orders of 2000, now – 350 RUB with any order.

Business, nothing personal.


Most likely, gradually services like grocery deliveries and shops are adapting to new conditions. The company has already urgently hiring new employees and couriers to meet the demand. Manufacturers and suppliers of food and goods also have to adjust to a sudden demand for products. The representative of “Rusprodsoyuz” informed “TASS” that Russia’s deficit will not occur, the goods are produced in abundance.

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