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The Russian woman said the rapist taxi driver to the police once had

Россиянка заявила на насильника-таксиста в полицию после того, как родила от него The woman didn’t call the police because I was afraid.

A resident of Petersburg declared rape after giving birth to her child from her assailant taxi driver. On Friday, December 29, citing its own sources, said the Federal Agency news (FAN).

“The police with a statement addressed by Natalia P., who is on maternity leave. According to her, in January this year she was raped by a taxi driver who introduced himself as Zahid, and took away her mobile phone”, — stated in the message.

The woman explained that had not previously reported the crime, because feared retaliation from the rapist. “According to her, the height of the attacker was about 165 centimeters. He was of Caucasian appearance. A distinctive feature of the rapist she named a large mole on his cheek,” — said FAN.

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November 29 it became known that in Moscow a taxi driver raped a young man, returning about five in the morning from the nightclub. According to preliminary data, the driver of the white Honda Accord had to take the victim to the highway of Enthusiasts, but instead turned into the yards on the street Simonovsky a Shaft. There he attacked the passenger, who was unable to resist. After the rape, the young man went to the police.

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