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The Russian University students staged a mass brawl

В российском ВУЗе студенты-иностранцы устроили массовую драку
Mass slaughter between students from Afghanistan and Tajikistan took place in the dormitory of the Ural Federal University (Urfu) in Yekaterinburg.

There are students from different countries of the world. The opposing sides had it out with fists relations for two days.

Check of circumstances of incident and identification of the fault was committed by the security service of the University. “The reason for the conflict was the supposed duty of 800 rubles, which the Afghans did not return the Tajiks, – said the source Agency. – Then the Afghans took one of the Tajiks sneakers in the collateral, until repayment. In the end, the two days they fought the crowd at the crowd”. During these fights most of the students were drunk, said an insider.

According to preliminary data from the University was expelled one Tajik student, to stand up for a friend, who took sneakers. The most zealous fighters from among the Afghan students studying in the field of “science” and “psychology” also appeared under the threat of expulsion, but they decided to leave after a corresponding request of diplomats, reported in the publication.

However, the “official statements and reports on this fact in the internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg have been reported,” told reporters the head of the press service of the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt.

“We have students from dozens of countries, different training and a different mentality make themselves known, especially when they drink and it comes to fights, – said an anonymous representative of the University. – And sometimes it happens that the drunk students of a country fighting amongst themselves. For example, four years ago, again the Afghans in the fight cut each other. The wounds were not serious, and we decided the matter not to give.”

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