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The Russian scientist has offended Ukrainians live. Video

Российский политолог оскорбил украинцев в прямом эфире. ВидеоHe accused Welker that he can’t read, in particular, the Minsk agreement.

Dmitry Kulikov, a member of the Zinoviev club international information Agency “Russia Today” TV channel “Russia 1” called Ukrainians cheerful parrots and sheep.

Kulikov said that the Ukrainians themselves have destroyed his people, his country, admitted that the country “comes to unknown person without authority, supplier hypovase content for social networks”.

Note, so he called US special representative, Kurt Volker.

“And you – happy parrots cackling under him,” said the Russian.

He further accused Walker in that he is not able to read, in particular, the Minsk agreement.

“Your remaining $ 30 million is listen, fall into a state of exaltation and in this state of exaltation, and these sheep can drive anywhere,” he declared waders in the Studio.

When asked, “millions of Ukrainian citizens who believe in God is a sheep?”, the Russians shouted: “You his provocations will be in the toilet to do.”

And then continued:

“A man arrives, which is called the Commissioner for religious Affairs from the United States and says that the United States supports the establishment of an Autocephalous Church. If you’re not here outcome, saying that there is no intervention and policy in this matter is the will of believers. Goes out to you something that replaces the President, and sent from the state Department official and told that they under the auspices of the state Department, will create you have an Autocephalous Church. You have country, you have people, you may have policy or maybe you have state?! You turned it all into the garbage,” he concluded.

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