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The Russian Rover will drill soil Earth satellite to a depth of 6 meters

Российский луноход пробурит грунт спутника Земли на глубину до 6 метров

Head of the laboratory of Geochemistry lunar and planetary Geochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny slyuta said that heavy Russian lunar Rover will make the journey of 500 kilometers along the satellite of the earth, exploring “the regional structure”. He will drill several wells, to a depth of 6 metres, and will take soil samples from the moon’s surface, which will be delivered to Earth for further study.

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Informed through research of the Chinese lunar Rover “WiTu-2”, scientists were able to obtain data on the composition of the mantle of the moon. He collected samples from the bottom of the most famous lunar “crater South pole – Aitken” that has given academics the confidence in the presence on the surface of the moon of minerals rich in iron. Substances were previously part of the mantle, but due to meteorite strikes were on the lunar crust.

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Such examples say about the relevance of current studies of the Russian lunar Rover. Despite major scientific breakthroughs in space exploration, we still know very little about how our universe, and every small discovery all the more bring us closer to unraveling this great mystery.


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