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The Russian politician pointed out the main mistake of Ukraine in the negotiations

Российский политик указал на главную ошибку Украины в переговорахNegotiations lead to “freezing” of the conflict.

The Russian oppositional politician Konstantin Borovoy believes that Ukraine made a mistake when I started negotiations with the leaders of Russian-supported terrorist groups in the Donbas. Thus Kiev contributes to the fact that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine will be frozen.

“With regard to the transition of the conflict in the Donbas from the acute to the chronic phase, this technology worked in Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia. Russia is certainly interested to make this conflict, so to speak, permanent. A condition in which there is the aggression in the East of Ukraine, is very similar to all previous Russian “conquest,” wrote Borovoy.

“Unfortunately, Ukraine, and started negotiations actually with the terrorists and their supporting Russia, brings the moment of transition of these military actions to retain part of the territories of another state in a chronic condition”, – said Russian opposition.

He noted that the most meaningful and the most important part of the current situation is the supply of arms to Ukraine.

“It is good that the United States realized that arming Ukraine is a way to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine and in Crimea. Bad other: bad Ukraine itself maintains its own image of the country, which is struggling with aggression and focus on Western values,” said Borovoy.

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