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The Russian journalist has compared Putin to Hitler

Российский журналист сравнил Путина с ГитлеромThe journalist compared the situation in Russia with Nazi Germany.

Independent opposition journalist and publicist from Russia Arkady Babchenko said that Russians support President Vladimir Putin as well as the Germans at the time supported Hitler.

He told this in an interview in response to the question “what techniques can be used by the Kremlin during the pre-election campaign; will be a struggle around a common enemy, or will be tensions in the Donbas.”

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“Vladimir Putin does not need to use any techniques. Most now, it really supports. The opposition movement is crushed. Indeed, as already mentioned, in Russia there is now the same as in Germany 1938-1939 year. Then the Gestapo was faced with the same problem: they were not whom to put. Not because they are all behind bars, and because public opinion in Germany had changed. And the country really began to support Hitler by almost 100%. Here in Russia, is now happening exactly the same. Public opinion changes and everyone starts to applaud Vladimir Putin, his rating is really high,” said Babchenko.

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