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The Russian foreign Ministry said that it would not allow peacekeepers on the border with Ukraine

В МИД России заявили, что не допустят миротворцев на границе с УкраинойThe Russian foreign Ministry scaring the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied areas of the Donbas a fake.

Putin’s Russia “will never allow” to Ukraine took control of the border several hundred kilometers to the East between Russia and the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, discussing with Pro-Kremlin Kommersant possible deployment of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass.

The official Agency said that such a mission is possible in 2018, but added the traditional Kremlin condition that Kiev supposedly “must negotiate with the people of Donbass”, and that “this movement should not come at the expense of political interests of Donetsk and Lugansk”.

“Offered by us (Russia – ed.) of the resolution shows that the main task of the peacekeepers is to ensure security of the OSCE observers. We see attempts to change this concept towards the introduction of some kind of external administration in the South-East (of Ukraine – ed.) overlap the border between Donbass and Russia,” Karasin voiced the thought.

According to him, “this cannot be and speeches”.

“Russia will never allow it. We advocate that the UN peacekeepers were guarding the OSCE observers, this actually is the essence of our proposals,” he said.

Russian promoter’m sure that if the APU will come in ORDA, “slaughter”, as Tom said recently, the President of the aggressor country of Russia Vladimir Putin. While Karasin said he was ready to “show quotations” Ukrainian officials from interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Deputy Minato George tuks to the representatives of the Ministry of defense, which allegedly talked about this directly. No quotes Russian official did not lead, however, voiced a few samples of the lies of the Kremlin.

“They belong to the population of Donbass as second-class citizens who do not deserve to be called Ukrainians, compared to cockroaches, which have poison chemicals… We take the risk to go can’t, we’re not going to risk thousands of lives of our Ukrainian neighbors,” Karasin summed up.

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