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The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the death of Russians in Syria

Российский МИД прокомментировал гибель россиян в СирииMoscow made a new Declaration about the death of Russians on 7 February.

The Russian foreign Ministry has made a new statement about the dead 7 Feb Russians in Syria. Presumably they were mercenaries “private military company Wagner”, which attacked oil and gas plant in the American sector, which was under the control of the Kurdish units. The strike was by the us military, providing aid to the Kurdish parts.

“As already noted, in Syria there are Russian citizens who went there on their own and with different goals. Not the case of the Ministry of foreign Affairs to assess the legitimacy and legality of such of their decisions,” — said in a commentary the Russian foreign Ministry.

“During the recent military clash is in no way participated servicemen of the Russian Federation and not used regular technical means, – said Russian foreign Ministry spokesman. However, in battle on 7 February, by their own admission, do “have killed citizens of Russia and CIS countries” and “the wounded – dozens of them”. The exact number of dead and wounded diplomats again failed to call.

“They have been assisted to return to Russia where, as far as we know, they pass courses of treatment in different medical institutions”, — said the Russian foreign Ministry. Informed that “vagnerovsky” treated in the hospitals of the defense Ministry told Bloomberg and several other media.

Of those killed in Syria on 7 February, the Russians became known last week from the statements of the eyewitnesses and the relatives of the deceased and after the bombardment group was confirmed by the representatives of the US military command. Media, including TV channel Now, called the names of several victims.

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