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The Russian Federation used Kaspersky to search for secret documents

РФ использовала антивирус Kaspersky для поиска секретных документовAntivirus “Kaspersky” has become a spy for Russia.

In antivirus “Kaspersky Lab” was spelled out an in depth scan documents on the computers to search for classified information.

The Russian authorities used popular antivirus software for the search of secret documents around the world. Antivirus scan computers around the world, where it was installed, and searched government documents and secret information. Thus, the Russian government turned “Kaspersky antivirus” tool for espionage, the article says The Wall Street Journal.

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The interlocutors of the newspaper said that the antivirus program “Kaspersky” scan system computers together with viruses looking for terms such as “top secret” classified government documents, as well as the secret code names of government programs, the United States.”

The newspaper notes that the number of computers that have accessed the program are not yet known. It is also unclear or was thus stolen any secret documents.

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By the way, before The Wall Street Journal conducted an investigation where it established that Russia gained access to the secret data from the Agency of national security of the United States with the help of antivirus software “Kaspersky Lab”. To apprehend the hackers who did it, succeeded with the help of Israeli intelligence.

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