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The Russian economy will finish freelancers

Экономику России добьют фрилансеры

People are tired to work hard for a pittance and without benefits. Therefore, they decided on desperate measures.

While economists are afraid of the world the monstrous effects of precarization, in Russia, 70% of working citizens dream to go freelance. That is willing to deprive themselves of all social guarantees. What a strange phenomenon we observe?

Such conquests of the XX century, guaranteed pensions, paid holidays and sick days, lost now in many countries. The situation for workers is becoming more and more unstable: those who yesterday could boast a decent benefits package from corporations today are moving EN masse on a contract and project employment. But if the European society perceives this process critically, we have it plainly and not reflexed.

Do not take the same reflection rabid fashion freelance, came to us in the middle of zero. Then we heard a lot about the lightness of being free artists, which was opposed to the drudgery of office clerks. Last harshly derided, each of iron hoarse song of the group “Leningrad” about the Manager is salaried and his erection problems.

In the mid-Teens for many contractors fell on hard times. Hungry and anxious. But then, to the analysis of causal relationships is not reached. It seemed that to blame foreign policy, sanctions, some kind of global confusion… Sanctions, of course, has made a significant contribution to the deterioration of the economic situation. But the precarious work — a massive erosion of people from the labor market, protected the law — is undermined the economy. However, almost no one noticed. Free artist continues to be perceived in a romantic light. Just from the minion of fortune, he became a knight of the sorrowful countenance.

And still freelancing trying to revive, but not otherwise. There are many new beautiful words. Now with enthusiasm talking about Kraft economy: how, say, great when the cakes are baked at home, when the soap is cooked mothers in the decree. What about productivity, do not particularly care. And some are trying to convince society that the future of peer-to-peer, or, as it is called, the peer to peer economy. Though, perhaps, it is destined to drive the final nail in the coffin of our sweet couple — social policy and employment law.

It is precisely because of the problems with social programs and the right situation arises when freelancers suddenly wanted to leave two-thirds of the population. They are willing to sacrifice social guarantees, simply because no guarantee is already there.

The people at the salary I stick to 12 hours, but do not receive additional payments for processing. Formally, overtime and no — there is a plan, which though do not have time to perform in a standard 8 hours. Hospital put, but in fact the loss in wages when they are such that the majority of employees go to work until you have come down with complications. The holidays are, but many spend it on education to remain competitive, or run to doctors, to restore the undermined health. About pensions generally better not to mention. Wages at all — it is just obrydatsya.

Of course, people are not stupid and understand that you are subject to severe exploitation that their labor is more expensive. Freelancing often payment is actually more equitable (if not to speak about trusevych the options of type of work by a courier on a scooter). And, by the way, at least a third of staff are well aware of this, as I can compare from experience.

According to the service “”, 33% of Russians in parallel with the main employment have part-time work. And it’s not just the designers, programmers, or journalists, but also representatives of the most conservative professions. Teachers repetitorstvo on Skype, the doctors connected to the services of online consultations. Soon the judges will start to understand the conflict as a network of mediators, and the precinct will be holding webinars on the topic of “What to do with neighbors-a rowdy”.

Of course, people willingly left their offices, factories, schools and clinics, if freelancing guaranteed them a stable load — not so serious that they bring down the keepers work books, but not so feeble that they are able to provide for yourself in conditions of a stagnating economy.

The average full-time worker in Russia today is like the wife of an alcoholic: he realizes that he must escape, but nowhere to go and nothing. To shelter somewhere can only temporarily and as a mistress… that is — precaria. But precaria no rights. Because precarious work is not a breakthrough and a setback. In the age of, say, the nineteenth. However, to be the wife of an alcoholic — this is the middle ages.

The dream of freelancing in most cases is caused not by the creativity or thirst for freedom, and banal despair.

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