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The Russian curators do not rule out Stripping the leader of the militants “DNR”

Российские кураторы не исключают зачистку главаря боевиков «ДНР»In the occupied Donetsk in the fall of 2018, the militants had planned to carry out elections of the leader of the terrorists.

Russian curators is not removed from the agenda the possibility of change the leader of the terrorist organization DND Alexander Zakharchenko. This is stated in the report of group Information resistance.

“In this context draws attention to itself started by the Kremlin information campaign aimed at popularizing the idea of the return of Donbass in the Ukraine under the condition of “parallel shifts of power,” the removal of the President and the government of Ukraine and the ruling elite DND”, – stated in the message.

According to military experts, in the framework of this campaign, the head of the Pro-Russian movement “Their”, an active participant in the so-called Russian spring, Lots and a former employee of “GRU MO DNR” Komov take measures diskreditieren.

“Lots of plans to control cells OO Bulwark, operating in Russia, and DND”, – stated in the message.

Sources in the captured hybrid forces, the city said that in autumn the militants had planned to carry out pseudo-leader of the Pro-Russian mercenaries. “Among the obvious candidates so far, only the male (Zakharchenko – ed.). There, if you want the results of “draw”. Everything is solved in Raschke, this is obvious,” – said the Donetsk Maxim.

He said that his friends still have Pro-Ukrainian sentiments, but “they loud on the street don’t say”. “Because I’m afraid. Many, unfortunately, continues to operate Russian propaganda”, – said the Donetsk.

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