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The Russian Ambassador has offered Serbia to Annex Kosovo

Российский посол предложил Сербии аннексировать КосовоIn the Kremlin suggest Serbia to enter Kosovo as Russia did with Crimea.

Serbia is to Annex Kosovo, as Russia annexed Crimea, said Russia’s Ambassador in the country Alexander Chepurin, explaining that the situation in Kosovo is similar to the situation on the Peninsula.

Chepurin noted that the Serbs live compactly in Northern Kosovo and Metohija Kosovska Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Leposavic and Zvecan, where, in his words, “almost never used” the Kosovo government.

In this unrecognized Republic exists by itself, being separated from Serbia by quasirandom.

The Russian Ambassador recalled that Moscow does not recognize Kosovo and of resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council, according to which Kosovo is part of Serbia.

Chepurin also urged the West to do away with “blatant pressure” on Serbia in the talks with Kosovo in the determination of the status of the level of autonomy of the province, and he also promised that Russia will help the parties to find a compromise and solution to this dilemma.

“The initiative and determination of the state of Affairs belongs to Serbia, and the role of Russia possible assistance at the request of the Serbian side, but it is important to recall that more countries yet think about the withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo” – said Chepurin.

The diplomat welcomed the military – the country’s decision not to join the Alliance – and political – failure to impose sanctions on Russia – neutrality of Serbia.

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