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The Russian actor told us why she decided to fight for Ukraine

Российский актер рассказал, почему решил воевать за УкраинуAn unusual phenomenon occurred in the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

Famous Russian actor, the hero of the cult TV series “Storm gate” Anatoly Pashinin explained why he decided to go volunteer in the Ukrainian army.

According to the actor, he had previously helped the Ukrainian army money, but later decided to go to war.

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“At first helped with money, and then when the money ran out, what else can help? No money and earn anywhere. Only come to dig, to shoot and “eyes” to stand,” said Pashinin.

Coming to the war, the Russian actor received no less “cinematic” Callsign, which also binds Anatoly pashinina with the family.

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“Call, “the stand,” by the way, I took my brother. He also fought under the call sign “Double”. And since we have the same set of chromosomes, I thought the Callsign which, I suppose,” said Pashinin.

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