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The rules of life in Russia in constant motion

Правила жизни в России в постоянном движении

SDA why change every year? We have all the legislation is in constant motion: cancelled, entered, changed, completely or partially, a huge amount of rules, laws, codes, regulations that have long been impossible to remember, to study and to learn, but the process “mad printer” does not stop.

The government is constantly changing the law, not even bothering to research whether understood by the people and began to be fulfilled if the previous legislative innovations.

The rules of life in Russia is in constant motion. The current (!) state law can monitor only the lawyers, and then only in their narrow fields of activity. Track all dynamically-changing array of laws and regulations impossible to have anyone.

And then there’s the Constitution began to change, which will require a new “ninth wave” of updated laws, rules and regulations. In fact, it is the destruction of the legislative field of the country. This number is dynamically changing laws and rules is not only impossible to learn to abide by, but simply to remember. Is the end of life according to the rules and the beginning of anarchy, when at the same time will apply new laws and regulations, outdated laws and rules, and live nation will be “as used”, “scoring” on this whole absurd and unstoppable flow of new regulations.

This is the state in Russia is over. Wear new!


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