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The ruble fell to a low of two years ago

Курс  рубля рухнул до минимума двухлетней давностиThe Russian currency continues to fall.

The dollar after the opening of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Friday morning, August 10, exceeded 67 rubles. for the last time at that price, the dollar was trading at Masuria in August 2016.

This is evidenced by the auction.

The Euro is trading at the level of 76.4-76.5 in RUB

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As indicated earlier, two previous trading sessions the dollar and the Euro has grown against the ruble due to purchases of foreign currency amid rising risk of sanctions.

If 7 Aug auction closed at 63.5 rubles to the dollar, on the morning of 8 August, the dollar / ruble exchange rate peaked in April 2018, at the height exceeded 65 rubles.

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On 9 August the dollar exceeded 66 rubles, reaching the level of November 2016.

The Euro after the opening of trading on Thursday struck the bar 77 RUB But then courses were corrected: the dollar fell below 66 rubles, Euro retreated to 76,37 RUB.

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