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The Rover photographed the moon from the surface of Mars

Ровер сфотографировал луну с поверхности МарсаShows the Martian night sky.

Located on the surface of Mars Rover Opportunity took pictures of Deimos — one of the two satellites of the planet.

Photos that NASA has made the animation available on the Agency’s website.

Three frames were taken with long exposure for measuring the position of Deimos relative to the star background. Deimos is too bright for these pictures, so it passes through a vertical strip. The image was processed to emphasize the brightness of the stars.

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Because of the remoteness of Mars, the apparent motion of Deimos is slow and in the same direction of stars.

NASA’s Opportunity Rover launched to Mars on 7 July 2003 using the launch vehicle Delta II launch site at Cape Canaveral in Florida. On the planet the unit was 25 January 2004. It was assumed that he would work on the surface of the red planet for 90 days, however it continues to operate until now.

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