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The roots of Stalinism against the inferiority complex

Корни сталинизма упираются в комплекс неполноценности

Well, just went to the next wave of “Stalinism/anti-Stalinism”, adding my two cents.

The roots of Stalinism is very simple and abut the inferiority complex. The Stalinists, in General, realizing their insignificance and futility of any competition (both in production and in life), is looking to raise their status.

As his efforts it is impossible for objective reasons of a personal nature, he is looking for someone who will destroy more successful competitors and give the jerk power (even small) over others, the power that he does not deserve.

In addition, the Stalinists of pride in themselves as part of something big and great have to have people who achieve great work while he insignificance-the Stalinists do not create life competition.

And then before the wet eyes of the Stalinist GULAG and raises the “sharashka”, where one people work for the good of the country, on the other deprived of every civil and social rights, being in fact “slaves” of Stalin’s socialism.

The truth, that slave labor was inefficient, and the majority of the inhabitants of “sharashka” was released by the NKVD, by the end of the war, the Stalinist unknown.

The well-known Stalinist myths of Stalinism, where all achievements are attributed to Stalin, regardless of whether they were made before his reign or after, contrary to his will or according to his will.

For example, Stalin is attributed to “liquidation” of illiteracy in the USSR, it overlooks the huge investments of the kings in public education before the First world war.

Stalin also attributed all the achievements of the Soviet Union, including the launch of Sputnik and Gagarin’s flight (occurred 4 and 8 years after his death).

Similarly, and industrialization, which supposedly “had Stalin” although in reality, the industrialization of Russia began under Alexander II, and the most ambitious project of industrial Russia — the TRANS-Siberian railway — was implemented in tsarist Russia, and BAM, started under Stalin by and large not been completed so far.

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