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“The road of the dead” George Romero: welcome, first poster!

In may of this year, the Area of Horror wrote about the fact that George Romero will ride the audience on the “Road of the dead”, returning in the genre zombie movie. In the proof of the seriousness of these intentions we got a cool poster of the upcoming picture.

Recall, the grandfather of the living dead in Director’s chair does not sit, giving the place his longtime collaborator Matt Birman, who had helped Romero in the direction of his films. By the way, the very idea of “Road of the dead” also belongs to the Birman, and I must say, the concept here is great:

The story unfolds on an island where a zombie chained to a racing car, have to fight each other in a modern Colosseum for the amusement of the local rich.

However, the big studios don’t want to invest in a little of zombie movies, and with social and political overtones. According to Romero, the film companies give another blockbuster like “world War Z” or soap Opera type “the Walking dead”. However, there is still an independent Studio.

This month “the Road of the dead” will seek sources of financing in the market of film projects Frontières in the framework of the international Fantasia film festival, which takes place from 20 to 23 July in Montreal. So will keep fingers crossed for the old George Romero and his successors in the person of Matt Birman.

Also, don’t miss: George A. Romero became the editor of the anthology “Night of the living dead”.

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