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The riddle of the pyramids solved: it became known as the Egyptians moved the stones

Загадка пирамид раскрыта: стало известно, как египтяне перемещали камни The system greatly facilitates the process of moving the stones to the construction site.

Egypt found the remains of ancient mounds, with which the workers of the era of Pharaoh Khufu moved giant blocks of stone and probably built the pyramids. Scientists are almost certain that such a system was used not only on a place of detection in the alabaster career, but everywhere.

The remains of the bulk of the ramp 4500 years ago, which was probably used in the construction of the great pyramid, was discovered by archaeologists. The find was made in the career of Hatnub, which in ancient times was mined alabaster, about 65 km South-East from the modern city of Minya, told Live Science.

The mound itself was located in the center, and on both sides were mounted of the special ladder. In the hole in the rock and fastened to heavy wooden posts. Alabaster blocks placed on a wooden sledge, while around the wound poles of the rope, which pulled workers. Under the angle 20 degrees material delivered to the desired location.

“This is an important discovery – the first evidence that heavy blocks were cut and moved from the quarries,” said the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt Mustafa Vaziri.

The researchers have no doubt that similar technology applied in other careers.

The discovery was made by a joint expedition of the French Institute of Oriental archaeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool. As explained by the representative of the group of Roland Enmarch the ropes in a simple mechanism acted as a “force multiplier” and greatly simplified the task of the builders.

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