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The results of the year 2018: the strangest trends in plastic surgery


You must have heard about such procedures, such as liposuction or breast augmentation. However, according to the latest report of the International society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS), commonplace operation, which previously was a novelty: the changing shape of the belly button, beard transplantation, ear surgery and brow lifting.We are seeing a growing number of patients are choosing an unusual treatment. People have become more open about their desires. Now they know exactly what they want, but doctors can offer those procedures, the existence of which nobody could guess — says Laura Miller, the Manager on public relations of the Health Tourism LT.

SPLETNIK.RU made a list of seven bizarre plastic surgery, which more and more people are lining up

Beauty matching (“steam plastic”)

A new trend called beauty matching implies that couples do cosmetic procedures to become like each other. Lovers can now look the same — with the help of plastic surgery. According to Dr Matteo Vigo, medical Director of the American Academy of cosmetic surgery in Dubai, he performs such procedures for two-three pairs a week.

I was contacted by a couple who wanted to do operations together

says Julius whew, certified plastic surgeon and Professor Pritzkers school of the University of Chicago.

This beauty matching has two different interpretations. Surgeons say that in most cases, this trend largely stems from the fact that many couples are written for a beauty treatment before an important event or simply share experiences with each other. For example, Botox is injected before the wedding, and liposuction done before the anniversary.

In some cases, one partner inspired by the change in the appearance of the other, and also coming to the reception. Many people want to do the surgery in tandem to become more similar to each other. At the same time, such a passion for pair-improvement may signal an unhealthy situation in a relationship.

My reception was once a couple who really seemed unhappy, as if they wanted to save their relationship with plastics, ‘ says the doctor.

Surgeons say the procedures together with a partner is perfectly normal — even practical. Think of it this way: if you and your sweetheart are interested in liposuction, the joint passage the whole process (operations and post rehabilitation period) will mean an opportunity to support each other in the recovery process.

Correction “bust runner”

A new study showed that women who for many years engaged in Jogging, the chest much faster loses tone and droops.

Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, head of research, breast health at the University of Portsmouth, studying biomechanics of the breast together with his team. She told the newspaper The Sun that they had measured the distance that the chest is “swinging” while running. This value was equal to nine inches, and some reached to the 21st.

We can not exclude influence of other factors such as genetics and aging. Every year, our skin becomes less elastic and thin, it’s all about gravity. But time is not the only enemy: pregnancy, obesity, sudden weight loss and other factors can affect this, regardless of what genes gave you your parents, says Dr. Dirk Kremer.

Joanna advises not to neglect the sports bra, to stop sleeping on stomach, do not forget about sunscreen, eat right, no Smoking and exercise. But the surgeons came up with the alternative — operation specifically for runners. In fact, it is the same lift surgery: during surgery, make a long incision for surgical access (in addition to the circumareolar and correction), and remove the extra skin.

Brow lifting or Browtox

We’ve all heard about Botox — it helps to smooth out wrinkles and struggling with sweating, and now it is used to slightly raise eyebrows. Browtox is a procedure in which botulinum toxin is injected into the area around the eyebrows, lifting them and creating the illusion of a more youthful look.

Over the past few months Browtox became so popular that many perceive it as an alternative to other anti-aging procedures. Those who have already managed to test it, they say that their eyebrows become more symmetrical and the eye shadow began to go smoother.

Moderation is key, because if you will put too much of the drug, the eyebrow, on the contrary, will fall,

— experts warn.

Transplant beard

French, Italian, goatee, Hollywood — we all about it, about the beard. For those whom nature has deprived this dense wealth, came up with an unusual procedure — a transplant of beard, similar to a hair transplant.

During the procedure, the individual hair follicles removed from the back of the head where grows the thickest hair and transferred to the patient’s face. Hair implantation is done under local anesthesia. If your vegetation the situation is not so, then you can use the services of the donor.

The ear surgery

The growing popularity of correction of the earlobes. No, it’s not getting rid of the droopy ears. In hospitals women, which due to heavy earrings or due to age-related changes (slightly exaggerated lobes can be from birth) begin sagging earlobes. Surgeons can remedy the situation in just 20 minutes using simple operations.

Opponents of drastic measures may have to resort to injectable fillers (special fillers, based on hyaluronic acid). Downtime is 7-10 days, and after three months you can again wear earrings.

The effect of fillers on the ears keeps much longer than on the face, due to the fact that in the area of the lobes of low metabolic activity, low movement and no facial expressions.

In addition to age-related changes, the indication for this surgery are elongated or overly broad earlobes, and avulsion, extension keloid after piercing, scarring, inflammation and other defects.

Changing the shape of the navel

Plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman says that the number of operations on the plastic belly button has increased over the past year in two times. People began to pay more attention to the looks of their body (thank you Instagram, where we see a huge number of half-naked girls and young people), and realized that there is a way to improve the appearance of everything, even the navel.

The expert said that currently, he performs about 12 to 15 procedures every month and explains the popularity of the operation, the development of social networks. Shulman believes that “perfect belly button” should be oval and slightly elongated vertically — such as Emily Ratzkowski). So the torso looks longer, but my belly seems flatter.

Too much navel can be reduced by removing excess skin and pulling the skin around it. With too small navel a little harder to deal with, but potentially they can also be improved by removing part of the skin near the abdomen and gently stretching the tissues around the navel, — says surgeon Darren Smith.

“Designer” nipples like Kendall Jenner

Passion 22-year-old Kendall Jenner to a “naked” dresses led to the fact that plastic surgeons are now increasingly coming with her photo and ask the same… nipples.
I love Kendall and how she appears in public without a bra. Under her clothes I could see nothing of the sort, just the outlines of the nipples. It’s very sexy and feminine — says a patient of Dr. Norman Rowe.

First the doctor makes the areola more symmetrical, and then adjusts the color of the nipples to make them lighter, uses a laser, darker tattoo. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid model nipples and make them more salient, ensuring that they definitely will stick out and Shine through any fabric.

A single injection at the doctor’s clinic, Roy will cost about $ 700, the whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and the result will hold for about two years. However, there are risks associated with the introduction of the filler directly to the nipple.

The nipple is a very sensitive structure, which is filled with nerve endings and milk ducts. The filler may clog or block the blood supply needed for breast-feeding, warns the expert.

Thus Jenner continues trend of #freethenipple and, apparently, continues to inspire women to visit the clinics of surgeons. The term “nipple design” was coined by a new York plastic surgeon Norman Rowe. Rowe also told Allure that he’s doing this procedure for many years, but lately it has become especially popular among patients who “want to do the same nipples as their favorite stars of the reality show”.

The results of the year 2018: the strangest trends in plastic surgery

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