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The results of the year 2018: the candid star Instagram

Emily Ratzkowski, Anna Sedokova

We continue to take stock in 2018. Today we offer you to enjoy the pictures of stars who day by day is literally bombing us with their candid snapshots. Emily Ratzkowski, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Olga Seryabkina — it seems that these celebrities passion for nudity in the blood.

Emily Ratzkowski

Flipping through Instagram model, we have perpetual deja vu: every day star publishes photos in bikini. They seem, in the wardrobe of Emily not less than one hundred, we don’t even remember when I saw Ratzkowski dressed. Nevertheless, each semi-Nude appearance Emily the blog causes a storm of emotions. Some admire her beautiful figure, others blame the model who proudly calls himself a feminist.

Kim Kardashian

Despite the fact that Kanye West causing images of his spouse doesn’t like (he even asked Kim to behave modestly in social networks), the reality TV star can’t stop.

Often, I just need to post a good photo or a picture which you can see the changes in my body. I post a photo, and then Kanye gets upset. It’s just a vicious circle, explained the star in the air “Ellen DeGeneres”.

Recently, a large mother published a photo in which almost naked. The star covered her chest long hair and wore a white Thong. The frame was dedicated to the launch of the new collection Cherry Blossom from KKW Beauty brand of cosmetics, the owner of which is Kim. By the way, she since his youth loved to do such exciting photos.

Ales Kafelnikov

Many fans of the model drew attention to the fact that Kafelnikov became particularly active to post candid shots after a bad breakup with rap artist Pharaoh (aka Gleb Golubin). Some believe that a girl so teasing ex boyfriend. On the eve of its 20th anniversary, which Ales Kafelnikov said on 23 October, she posed Nude famous photographer Evgenia Andreeva in some leather boots.

Heart skips a beat looking at this angel, signed author photographs a series of Nude photos from Kotelnikovo. I wonder if Gleb froze?

In an exclusive interview, the singer told me that at one point her so finished off the statements and accusations of excessive frankness, that she had to go to a psychologist. The star decided not to follow the proverbial rules and do not follow the crowd, so to post photos in a bikini (and without) have not stopped. For the male part of her fans do not get tired to thank her publicly.

Lena Dunham

American actress, Director, producer and one of the icons of modern feminism undresses in the frame is not in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex. At the end of the summer Lena published bodypositive photos, noting thus nine months without Judy (as her uterus called a boyfriend) — star had an operation to remove the uterus.

Shooting was organized in support of women who have undergone a similar operation. However, one shot did not stop. Now Dunham is increasingly posting “nudity”.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid — the girl-chameleon. Today she is posing in a modest way for the cover of Arabian Harper’s Bazaar, and the next day removed the Topless in an advertising campaign for Australian jeans brand The Feel Studio. By the way, the model itself admitted that in fact she had a strict Muslim upbringing (the father of Bella Mohamed Hadid raised her as a submissive Islamic woman).

Despite the rather strict Islamic rules forbidding women to bare arms (not to mention the more intimate parts of the body), Bella readily removed without clothes, and the light goes in “naked” dresses and no underwear.

Tess Holliday

“The most celebrated model in the world” (weight Tess is 155 kilograms with growth of 165 centimeters) are also not averse to undress in front of millions of their followers in social networks. Star regularly post photos in transparent babydoll, lace underwear and body. This year plus-size model appeared in the attire of eve on the background of nature for the magazine Self. A Manifesto of naturalness!

Olga Seryabkina

Recently, a lover of candid photos complained of innovations social networks Instagram and Facebook, according to which the moderators will strictly limit the content of an erotic nature.
I will not hide that photo was too have for me special value. For me it’s an art. Special the art of loving yourself… — admitted the singer.

Under the “special art” Seryabkina is referring to the adoption of his body, trying to learn to live harmoniously. She confesses that she long could not fall in love with themselves and candid shots helped her in this difficult matter.
Through pictures I show myself. Not the nudity and stupid body, and what’s inside…— said Olga.

“What’s inside” Seryabkina her fans, it should be noted that I see almost every day.

Candice Swanepoel

By the number of seductive photos with a scantily clad candice Swanepoel will soon overtake itself Emily Ratzkowski. “Angel” Victoria’s Secret to pose in the Nude even in her sixth month of pregnancy.
The body flourishes between the spiritual and the physical… Do women not beautiful?

— signed the publication, Candace.

And after only three months the star has disrobed for the cover of the book by the famous American fashion-photographer Russell James


The results of the year 2018: stars who love to be naked

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