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The results of the day: powder Sobyanin, spectracolor from Kudrin and the gang from the FSB

Итоги дня: порошок от Собянина, спецпрокурор от Кудрина и банда от ФСБ

Sobyanin contains the village of United Russia

Loyal to the Metropolitan government of Moscow city Duma deputies live under communism. Free of charge allocated to good cottages in picturesque place of Moscow suburbs. In the law about this and not talking, although the city stipulates the right of parliamentarians to use gorgeous Audi A6 with drivers as a utility transport, free health care and free trips to resorts.

But the provision of housing in a secret elite village mayor Sergei Sobyanin is not limited to: at the expense of the Muscovites receiving a solid paycheck deputies provide everything needed — right down to washing powder and toilet paper.

Kudrin has found a way to tame the security forces

Alexei Kudrin offered to give the investigation of the crimes of the security forces in the hands of civilians. According to the head of audit chamber, such a step will put an end to dependence of the judiciary, destructive of the enforcement of laws and violation of human rights by law enforcement officers.

In addition to creating a special civilian agencies to combat the crimes of the security forces, Kudrin proposes to give the Parliament the right to appoint for the purpose of spectacular, as well as introduce civilian and in law enforcement agencies.

Security officers robbed citizens after searches

The two majors of the Moscow Department of FSB accused of banditry, extortion, robberies and thefts. Moscow chekists used for crimes the whole gang of participants Krasnodar private military company “E. N. About.T. Corp.”).

“The raccoons” along with the law enforcement officers came to the searches in the offices and houses in Moscow and Moscow suburbs, and after the official part had been taken from the premises money and equipment.

Interestingly, majors was arrested, but soon one of them got out of jail. There are opinions that he could make a deal with the investigation and to get under the witness protection program.

In addition to these developments: on 28 November, the FSB detained the head of the Rostov Ministry of health, the investigators undertook the theft in the Moscow police, the Russian space Agency opened under the decades of corruption schemes, the mayor of Kemerovo justified for buying a super expensive Christmas tree.

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