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The restorers of the Russian Federation to destroy the design features of Khan’s Palace in Crimea.

Реставраторы РФ уничтожают конструктивные особенности Ханского дворца в Крыму.Beam, which are the object of cultural heritage destroyed, they were taken out, the part is sawed.

In Russian-annexed Crimea, activists recorded on the photo the progress of the reconstruction pursued by the firm from the Russian Federation on the territory of the Bakhchisaray historical and cultural reserve in the Khan Palace. The images show that the constructive elements of historic buildings dismantled and destroyed.

In particular, this information was confirmed by the activist, a former Chairman of the Republican Committee of the ARC for interethnic relations and deported citizens of Edem Dudakov, who visited the place of work.

“Beams destroyed them out of here, part cut, part took. That is the beam we already fail to do so, although they are themselves the object of cultural heritage, they needed to be saved. And, according to “Ukrniiplastmash”, it was necessary to replace only four beams, and they (the restorers) replaced 100%. It is already irreparable. We never see the Khan’s Palace the way you still watch it”, – said Dudakov.

The restoration project was prepared by the firm “Keramet” of Simferopol, the General contractor is the Moscow Atta-group. Both companies have no experience in the field of restoration. The project itself is classified, the Ukrainian experts could not figure out where the document passed the compulsory examination. “Is working on some project which is not made public. Simply log on to the computer and see the composition of the project team working on this object – there are no restoration specialists,” – said the former head of the restoration Committee of the Department of cultural heritage protection of Ukraine Yakov Dihtyar.

The firms themselves-performers information Crimean activists did not comment. The work in the Crimea observes the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea, the comments here are also not voiced.

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