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The resignation of Gontareva saddened IMF

Отставка Гонтаревой опечалила МВФIn Department hope that the policy of the national Bank will not change.

IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jerome Vacher gave an interview to the Left Bank, which told about the position at the resignation of the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva.

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“We’re upset about the fact that Ms. Gontareva leaves post. Mrs. Gontareva to the post conducted a number of bold measures. It transformed its monetary policy. She transformed banking supervision. She held a deep reform of the Central Bank itself, making it a modern Central Bank,” said IMF resident representative in Ukraine.

He also added that for the IMF it is important that the leadership of the NBU remained professionally independent and committed to implementing the right initiatives.

“It would mean the continuation of the measures, which were introduced earlier, and the finding of the national Bank on the right road, they made Ms. Gontareva,” added So.

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