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The residents of Kiev skyscrapers managed to tame a Falcon

Жителям киевской высотки удалось приручить соколаBird of prey loves meat and chicken hearts.

Bird of prey is staying right in the kitchen in one of the skyscrapers of the capital. Falcon flies to eat almost every day and hosts are not attacked.

Willful and graceful Kestrel turns his sharp beak of Goodies – chicken today for him to taste. But the cozy kitchen on the 20th floor there is another like it. Here, he is knocking is not the first time.

“In the winter once the first time, or in late autumn, he came to us, sat down at the window and sits. And we photographed it, I thought – a miracle just flew and now fly away. And then opened the window, and he flew, I saw the sausage and went for the sausage,” – said the shelter a bird of prey Natalia Kuchta.

In his “bird” menu – mainly meat, willingly eating chicken hearts.

Despite the carnivorous nature, among people behaved calmly, and even good with children.

“I love that her patterns. She arrives and sits somewhere,” says Andrew Kuchta.

Not frightened the Kestrel and the camera. Despite the fact that the bird is not tame, journalists went willingly. Although gripping hurt – posing well.

Kestrel is a migratory bird and lives mainly in forests or in the field. Ornithologist Maria Mikityuk suggests – this could be someone already tamed, but never flown away to warmer climes. And says – birds of prey are increasingly migrating to large cities.

“The main help in this particular case, this bird is non-interference in the wild. And yet people need to leave the bird the opportunity to forage for food, to be independent and free people,” – said the ornithologist Maria Mikityuk.

But while the Kestrel is winter in the city, from time to time arriving for a meal.

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