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The resident of Minsk a month camped out in the car to find out who her scratches. Video

Житель Минска месяц ночевал в машине, чтобы узнать, кто ее царапает. ВидеоA man a few months could not understand what is stopping his car to an unknown “avenger”.

As the resident of Minsk forum in Minsk scooter club, unknown systematically scratched his parked car in just six months, he counted more than 20 big scratches. The man claims that he always parked so as not to disturb anyone on the lawn is not stopped.
With the help of the DVR to establish the identity of an unknown bully failed.Then the man tried to make contact with the bully with a note.

Desperate, the owner decided to personally to catch the attacker, especially because the Belarusian law allows a citizen to detain the offender and deliver him to law enforcement. For this, he has for months slept in the car. Belarus found out that the violator appears at the car from 4 to 6 am.

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In the end, after a whole month of regular duty, he was caught red-handed bully. It appeared to be an elderly woman who called Belarus the “grandmother-dandelion in a funny round hat.” The culprit was unable to explain the motive of their actions. The inhabitant of Belarus has left the specific scratches on the car using tokens for the Minsk subway.

“It was a tough month, I admit. Can you imagine what it’s like to spend a few hours in relative stillness on the back seat of a small car, and even in freezing temperatures. Eventually until 4 am turning in bed, trying to snatch at least a certain number of hours of sleep, then on duty with suspicion listening to the sounds and staring at passers-by, and in 6-7 hours, disappointed, return home and try to snatch a few hours sleep before work”, — said Belarus.

The woman pleaded guilty, but offered to pay only for “today”. The owner of the vehicle such offer was not satisfied and he appealed to the police. The man intends to address in court with the requirement to compensate moral and material damage.

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