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The resident of Ivanovo and drove a stake through the grave of the abuser

A strange story from the Ivanovo region.

42-year-old man living in the city of Ivanovo, under the influence of a fair amount of alcohol began to recall childhood. Rather, children’s resentment, which caused him a boy in elementary school. The man slammed his fist on the table said: enough is enough! And decided to take revenge.

The fact that the offender for 20 years, it is in the ground, did not bother him.

The inhabitant of the Ivanovo armed with an axe and a wooden stake, then went to the grave of his foe. He was buried in the village of Markovo, but that didn’t stop the avenger, those who hunger for justice.

In the end, grave desecrated, marble tombstone, milled, hammered a stake.

I think the dead do not care for our nonsense, but the deceased is survived by his mother, which found abuse at the cemetery. The police were called, all the excesses committed, and the perpetrator was soon arrested. The man did not nothing to deny.

However, why in the grave of the enemy school had to drive a stake through, he explained. So I was haunted by the thought of vampires in the Ivanovo region…

For the tip, as always, thanks to Pavel Afanasenko.

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