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The researchers said the degree of people’s dependence on smartphones

Исследователи рассказали о степени зависимости людей от смартфоновIn the survey participated 4418.

A new study, whose results were published on the Motorola website, confirms the already known fact: the modern society has become too dependent on electronic gadgets, in particular, from their smartphones.

Here are some frightening facts: 33% of respondents prefer to spend time with your smartphone than with your favorite, and 60% acknowledged that it is very important not to forget about his personal life, and not to focus only on smartphones.

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53% of respondents from Generation Z (born not earlier than 1996) is a smartphone’s best friend. The following facts refer more to a young audience:

49% agreed that too often check their phones
60% admitted that they do it impulsively
35% agree that they spend too much time with smartphones
44% would be happy if I could bring myself to spend more time on other things
65% panic, if you think you have lost the phone
75% often think about when the next time they will have the opportunity to take a smartphone in hand

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