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The researchers explained, making life appeared on Earth

Ученые объяснили, благодаря чему появилась жизнь на ЗемлеMade an unexpected conclusion.

According to them, life on Earth appeared due to sheer luck, which, they argue, could not occur.

As experts believe, chance, laid the Foundation of a series of heavy duty of volcanic eruptions that lasted approximately 570 million years. The result was the melting of huge ice sheet that covered in ancient times the whole Earth. In order to come to such conclusion experts engaged in the reconstruction of ancient Earth. For this they used the crystals of zircon, formation of which were different geological epochs.

Scientists have succeeded in finding the most powerful emission, now called the “greenhouse”. He is believed to have occurred immediately before the global “Cambrian explosion”. It is considered in the further evolution of life on Earth determining factor.

Before the planet appeared the first germs and micro plants, in its atmosphere, according to experts, there were only nitrogen, methane and other greenhouse gases. Appearance on the planet of oxygen relates to the period that occurred about 800 million years ago. Then the freezing of the Earth expanded to its Equatorial part.

As a planet could get out of this state, is a mystery still. Recent studies shed some light on this topic.

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