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The representative of the state Department visited the hot spots of Donbass

Представитель Госдепа побывал в самых горячих точках ДонбассаThe official saw what is happening in Eastern Ukraine with their own eyes.

Not a frozen conflict, but a real war in the Donbas. This was stated by the special representative of the us Department of state Kurt Volker, having been in the area of the fighting. The high guest today traveled to the area of military formations, and also visited the front window.

To Avdiivka military and civil administration of the American delegation had prolyagala on the Ukrainian armored vehicles.

Representative of Gosdepartamenta United States Kurt Volker, Ambassador of the United States in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch – was already waiting for local.

The next destination is the famous nine-Avdiivka. The house is uninhabited. It was he who in the beginning of the war the city served as a shield from attacks.
“War” – as Kurt Volker calls the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine – directly and unambiguously. Says, learned this when he came to the Donbass.

“First, it is not a frozen conflict is a fierce war. We see the escalation of the conflict, it is dangerous to people. Second, we see that the price of what is happening – how many lives ruined. It’s a terrible tragedy that really need to stop,” said Kurt Volker, the special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine.

The second week the line of demarcation on both sides patrols first Deputy head of the monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug. To work, he says, is not easy.

“On the uncontrolled territory, we are confronted with aggression and limit us in action. They don’t want us to see something and reported it, because in any case we’ll write about it in the reports,” said Alexander hug, Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

Purpose of our work in Ukraine, us diplomats referred to the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Are convinced that to regain the territory by peaceful means is possible.

“We will seek a diplomatic solution to this conflict. Also want to find out how it understands the other side. The main thing – to find a peaceful way out of the situation,” said Walker.

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Next week, Kurt Volker, will visit the countries of the European Union, where he will meet with representatives of Channel four and NATO. The Ukrainian question, according to Volker, is the chief in the negotiations.

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