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The remake of “Day of the dead” received an R rating

Two weeks ago we wrote about the fact that the new “day of the dead” will come this year as an independent company Saban Films took over distribution of the film. And it looks like another remake of a classic zombie horror George Romero even gets to cinemas.

American kinaesthesia has awarded the film “day of the dead: kinship” restrictive rating of R, which implies a ban on viewing to persons under 17 years of age. The reason the establishment calls the presence in the film “bloody violence, dismemberment, a Mat and a small nudity.” Of course, this is not surprising for a zombie movie, but the point is that movies are coming out straight to video, not required to bother with all these ratings, and that means that the distributor is going to show “day of the dead” in theaters.

The synopsis of the remake, by the way, is markedly different from the original:

This post-apocalyptic story tells us about a former student-doctor, which she is tormented by some dark figure from the past. In fact, this figure is only half-human and half — zombie.

Judging by the photos from the shoot here, too, will involve military and, therefore, most likely, and the experimental zombie soldiers as Romero. In addition, it is known that from the original tape will move at least one character officer Miguel Salazar.

Starring in the remake was performed by Sophie Skelton (“Stranger”), Jonathon Shek (“what you do”), and Jeff Gum (“breakout Kings”).

For the script responsible mark Tonderai (“Whisper of the road of horrors”) and Lars Jacobson (“baby Blues”), and directing took over Hector Hernandez (“the Corpse of Anna Fritz”) and Theo Pirrie (“Necromancy”).

“Day of the dead: kinship” try to eat our brains and-and-and-and already in 2017.

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